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In Memoriam

Harold Fregoe

Jim Spotts, Jim’s Rare Serials

Pat McCarthy

David Rosen

Vernon Calaman

Vincent “Pug” Pugliese, Ford Clearing House

Tom Petty, Vintage Neon

Henry Palanci

Tom Harle

Melvin Class

Art Reisinger

Gerald Holsinger

Elliott "Junior" Detweiler

Sam Beacom

Chuck Cleland

Red Dellinger

Billy Dickerson

Bill Salomone

Leo Cerruti

Mel Major

Ray Stevens

Bob Lichty

Bruno Kochanczyke

Harry Mills

Frank Mitchell

Bus Ebersole

Elwood Heagy

Stan Carpenter

Leo H. Miller Sr.

Bob Straw

Dave Walter

Herb Singe

William Schild

Thomas English

Sam Spring

Morgan Ruth, Ruth Motors

Bill Ey

Bob Homan

Norman Woy

Ed Kimble

Gertrude Miller

Paul Pavano

Dan Stoltzfus

Duke Carter

Nat Adelstein

Gene & Susie Barnette

Tony Carol

Ernie Franks

Bob Anderson

Ernest Leveillee

Dan "Swish" Swisher

Dave Ficken

Bill Smith

Adam Lesher

Dave Mihalko Sr.

Dan Gregory

Tod Kelly

Reeves Callaway

Bert Patrick Melody

Ronnie King

Ron Heller

Tom Ross

Anthony Iezzi

Tom Placer, Flashback F 100

Iona Ross, Cookies Cool Canopies

Tom Young

Carl Mantegna

Olin Cook

Don Mason, R 12 Freon Replacement

Bob Johnson

Howard Applegate

Saul Smiler

Jerry Longrie

Jerry Dooley

Leon DeMaris

Bill & Louise Hoover

Charlie Shalbaum

Dennis Carpenter

Thomas Contois

Bernie Smith

Myron Plotkin

Glen Leib

Kenny Buttolph

Paul Hippensteel

George Lilieholm

Bob Paris

Chuck Cleland

Frank Rangelli

William Hodges Jr.

Ritt Jones

Tom Gleave

Ray Neiman

Andre Blaquiere

Carlisle Events is a family owned business and we consider our automotive flea market vendors, midway vendors, showfield participants, spectators and friends of the hobby our family, as well.  Sadly, we have lost many of these friends over the years, and want to remember them here as a way to pay tribute to their spirit and contributions within the hobby.  

One of the many “friends of Carlisle” to have passed since our inception was the man who co-founded what’s been known as Carlisle Events for decades, Elliott “Chip” Miller. Chip was a die-hard Corvette enthusiast and was the mind behind the 1982 launch of Corvettes at Carlisle. Sadly, Chip passed away in March of 2004 from a rare disease known as Amyloidosis. His commitment to the hobby led to a posthumous induction into the National Corvette Museum’s Hall of Fame in 2005. To this day, his legacy lives on in many ways. Annually at Corvettes at Carlisle, a special display dubbed “Chip’s Choice” showcases a different theme and offers some of the best Corvettes around, the kind of cars Chip would have liked. Further, his namesake foundation carries on his legacy while helping raise awareness and support for those impacted by Amyloidosis. If Chip were here today, he’d remind us all that “Life is Good.” While he and other friends of Carlisle have left us, none of them will ever be forgotten.


Chip Miller

Our dedicated bench program offers a wonderful opportunity for a statement of appreciation. Your bench plaque message can remember that special someone, pay tribute to a family member or friend, recognize your club, leave a message, or you can give a gift that will last for years. There are currently more than 50 benches on the facility. Plaques are made of aluminum and measure 12 inches wide by four inches tall. For more information, cost, placement and ordering, please contact Tami at 717-243-7855 x189,

If you have a loved one whom you would like added to this page, please submit your addition using this form for consideration.

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